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Candidates demonstrate knowledge, skills, and dispositions to evaluate the adequacy of instruction and learning by applying principles of problem analysis, criterion-referenced measurement, formative and summative evaluation, and long-range planning.

Final Reflection for EdTech 541

Wow.  How the summer has flied!  Here are my reflections for this course:

  • What have you learned?  I am sure most of the people in this program are, like me, passionate about technology.  I have used technology in my classes for the last 15 years.  However, this course forced me to think about how I am currently using technology in my classes and analyze whether or not I am using it effectively and efficiently.  In some sense, it was almost overwhelming — but, in a good way.  I really enjoyed learning about mobile apps, software specific to my curriculum, and ways to do what I am currently doing better!
  • How theory guided my development of projects and assignments?  This was one the best parts of the course for me.  I tend to be one to like to start from scratch and reinvent the wheel, so to speak.  Why do I do this?  I don’t know.  There is so much research out there that has already tested and analyzed all of the technology.  Why not use it???  It certainly saved much time and effort in finding tools that are proven.
  • How has the course demonstrated mastery of the AECT standards?  Throughout the course, we were asked to analyze technological tools, design lessons using these tools and then evaluate our process.  The course provided a good mix of creation and analysis (lessons and blog posts).
  • Have you grown professionally?  Absolutely!  I can’t wait to try some of these lessons this year.  I think it will help engage the students exponentially.
  • What will I do differently?  I already use technology everyday in my classes.  This course provided me with so many more resources than I previously used.  In reading other projects, I also was provided many great ideas for lessons.  Collaboration at its best.

Thank you for a great course.  This course forced me to take the time to find great tools to enhance my teaching.  I probably wouldn’t have done it otherwise!

Assessing my Blog:

Content:  I do believe my blog posts were insightful and connected to the context of the assignment.  100/100

Resources:  I did list resources and references in APA style throughout.  35/35

Timeliness:  I did try to post my blog listing early, but worked quite a bit this summer so sometimes did not post until Sunday or Monday.  20/25

Responses to other posts:  This was a category I did not do consistently throughout the summer.  I believe I posted comments on half of the assignments.  15/30

Total poi

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School Evaluation Summary


This was a truly valuable exercise. As a technology teacher and tech support person, I have been involved in the technology process from the inception of our school four years ago. It really opened my eyes to where we are in the growth process. We have recently developed a technology committee and I plan on going back this committee soon to pass on the information I have. We will hopefully be moving forward with a plan to make my school more of a 21st Century school! Thank you.

Evaluation Summary: