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For the final project in the class, I decided to fill an immediate need and create an AP Statistics MC review app for my students and anyone else with a dire need to review AP Statistics. I wanted students to be able to choose from the module they want to review so I created a Module Choice page that leads to each individual module quiz. After the quiz was complete, students are given feedback (whether or not they were correct) for each respective quiz.

The plan was to use images for all of the questions (as some have graphs) but I could not figure out a way to do so in a label. If I used all images that would work, but I wanted a mix of some text questions and some images. I will play around with that idea in the upcoming week. I have some work to do with the formatting as well. The spacing is not exactly what I want.


Probability Quiz

I am currently doing a probability unit in my statistics course so I decided to adapt the President’s Quiz for my topic.  I tried many different things in this app — some that were successful and some that were not.  First, I wanted to have an animated effect on my splash page.  I wanted one item to come in at a time, so I used an animated index.  It worked fine when I tested it on the emulator and on the companion, but not when I installed it on my phone.  Not sure why.  I also wanted to use a ListPicker, but I decided against that as well.  So what did I do?  I created a splash screen with a intro image as well as a wav file to introduce the quiz.  I created a six question quiz.  I used a counter to keep track of the number correct and displayed the number correct for the user at the end.

On the quiz screen, I did make it scrollable.  I struggle with the layout of the apps.  I like things to be spaced nicely.


I am finding it challenging for the apps to do exactly what I want it to do.  I think I need to read further before I start my project so I make sure I am not wasting my time in creating something that is unrealistic.

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