Project 1

The lesson I created is that of teaching students to calculate the slope of a line given two points.  This is the second of three lessons on calculating slope.  Students are first asked to review the concept of slope as it appears in real life.  Next, students are led through demonstrations of how to find the slope once both points are plotted and a line is created.  From there, students will be assessed on their understanding by doing the two question quiz (practice) on their IPads.  Next year all students will have their own mini IPad.

I really tried to utilize images that added something to the lesson.  The first image depicted a real life scenario of slope. The remaining images helped display the instructions. I tried to limit the text throughout and let the images further describe the lesson.  The images were aligned next to the text to help enhance understanding.  The contiguity principle was taken into account by putting both the images and text on the same page to help the flow of the lesson.

The file type pptm was not allowed for insertion, so I uploaded the file to my school website and the link to that is here.  I used Visual Basic to create the quiz.  Please click on Enable Macros to allow the user to interact with the quiz.


AECT Standards:

  • 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies:  Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources.   In this assignment I used presentation software to deliver a lesson to students.


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