Creating a Learning Log

At the beginning of my EdTech experience, I was asked to create a learning log utilizing WordPress.  The beauty of WordPress is that it allows the user to create a website using one of the amazing templates that are created.  This allows the user to create an individualistic look for their website.  By embedding images and videos it completes the unique look.  The blog component of the website allows both the student and reader to comment on their work.

For the EdTech courses I believe WordPress (or any blogging site) allows the student to create a portfolio of their work.  Included with the work designed is a reflection on each assignment.  For the company or individual viewing the blog it allows him to see the complete process of the body of work.  For the student it allows him/her the ability to reflect on each assignment.  The degree ending portfolio course allows the student to look at the entire score of his/her learning.

This assignment utilizes the AECT standard 2.3 Computer-Based Technologies.  It delivers information using a micro-processor (or computer).



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