School Evaluation Summary


This was a truly valuable exercise. As a technology teacher and tech support person, I have been involved in the technology process from the inception of our school four years ago. It really opened my eyes to where we are in the growth process. We have recently developed a technology committee and I plan on going back this committee soon to pass on the information I have. We will hopefully be moving forward with a plan to make my school more of a 21st Century school! Thank you.

Evaluation Summary:


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  1. Beth,

    Thanks for sharing your school summary. I loved how concise it is … I wish mine was … I was fascinated by your summary because I would have thought a young school (building wise) would be more technologically “intelligent”. That’s why these surveys are so good … you really don’t know what you will find until you complete it. I would love someone else to complete one for my school — just to see how we align, or not.

    Your school is very fortunate to have you on their committee! I think our school is going to move away from the Division based plan to a personal plan very soon.

    P.S. I just looked at the rubric for this assignment; both the summary and survey are to be embedded. I am emailing you the how to steps (I hope you don’t mind — especially since you helped me with things like that — I still remember your awesome tutorial!). I need to practice one of those over the break. I want to teach my 9s how to do an online or on-screen tutorial — we have Jing though, not Camtasia.

    Take care.


  2. You are awesome Nona! Thank you…I actually thought I was embedding, but clearly I was not doing it correctly.

  3. Beth,

    Thank you for this very readable and concise school summary. I appreciate your brevity. I would like to echo Nona’s comment regarding the stereotypes often associated with the level of technology infrastructure and support available at new schools. Just because a school is new does not mean that it has good technology and just because a school as good technology does not mean that utilization is maximized. I am reminded of our Technology Use Planning project and one of the the primary conclusions that we reached: Technology alone does not solve educational problems. You need people trained in technology in place to facilitate the use of the technology.

    It is indeed good that you are in place at your school. I am sure that you provide much needed guidance and advice during technology planning.

    Keep up the good work!

    Best regards,

  4. Beth,

    A very clear and concise report and summary. It seems a common theme that a lot of schools have invested lots of money in technology in the hopes that technology “will make it all better”. More often than not, we see these same schools under utlizing the significant investment they have made. It seems that in-depth training ends up being the last budget item and gets the short-end of the money. I still don’t know if we have come across the “magic bullet” with respect to how technology can truly change AND improve education.

    Great job!


  5. Excellent report, Beth. I really appreciate the time you spend just on the graphics and visuals–it makes the report more interesting and professional. I’m delighted to hear that you will have the opportunity to participate in and make changes in the technology planning process at your school. Stay in touch and keep us posted1

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