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Netiquette Page

This was a great assignment to work through with my students.  The assignment took the basic HTML and CSS skills we learned in assignments 1 and 2 and took it to another level.  We added the concept of floating text as well as developing a website that was easy to follow.  The Netiquette Page was created to display guidelines for proper internet use.

Netiquette Page


RSS for Education

The concept of RSS feeds is a new tool for me believe it or not. I had an idea of what it was but had never contemplated using it in my classroom and had never used it personally.   So, how can I use it in my own classroom and in my own school?

  1. The creation of my Learning Log has convinced me to have my own Computer Science students create a blog for reflection and turning in their work.  Beginning next week, I am going to teach students how to create a WordPress blog and have them create a post for each assignment.  They are to link their assignments and reflect on the purpose of the particular assignment.  Where do RSS feeds come in?  I can subscribe to the RSS feeds of each student’s blog and I will have all of their assignments in one place (instead of having to go to each blog).  I can see all assignments in one place by grouping the feeds accordingly.
  2. As our school webmaster, I absolutely need to put a RSS feed link on my website.  It is crazy I haven’t done so as of yet!  This feed will allow parents/readers to check all new updates of the website in one place instead of having to browse through the entire website all the time.
  3. RSS feeds can be used to keep up to date on the most recent world events.  For classes such as Social Studies, this concept can be utilized very well to have students keep up on current events by having feeds to their favorite news websites.
  4. If students have a particular project in class that they are required research to complete, they can use a RSS feed to help them.  This will give them the most up-to-to-date information they can get as the feed will be available as soon as the article is posted.

RSS Feed Link

How does this assignment align to AECT standards?

This assignment utilizes 1.1.3 which has developed a skill using electronic communication (sharing feeds).  It also uses 2.3 and 2.4 by organizing information found online into a database to create a singular location to find information needed on a particular topic.


The second EDTECH 502 assignment was to take our existing plain502.html assignment and apply a CSS stylesheet.  This assignment assessed our knowledge of basic CSS as well as incorporating the CSS to a HTML page.


Of course I had to change my first attempt of my 502.html page. The new one is below:


Plain 502.html Assignment

This assignment was to create a basic website utilizing HTML 5.  We were asked to recreate a website using basic code testing our ability to structure and organize our code as well as troubleshoot.

Plain 502.html

Learning Log Assignment

I am a big fan of WordPress.  I have only used it relatively recently to organize my posts for my boys tennis team and to use as a resource for my MHS teachers.

This assignment utilized Standard 4.4 and Standard 2 by assessing our ability to utilize technology to organize and share information electronically.

Introduction Video

I created the Introduction Video in  I wanted to try a different avenue for presenting myself and information.  I feel has a lot of potential for creating entertaining and creative videos.  I believe this is a great way for students to present information.  It is fun tool and it utilizes technical skills as well!!

If I were to do it again, I would definitely include more characters and more movement.  I am still learning.

AECT Standard 2.4:  Integrated Technology

I definitely feel this video served as a means of using technology to present my reflections of who I am as well as why I am in this program.  It forced me to organize my thoughts and try and present the material in an interesting way (obviously utilizing technology too).