EDTECH Learning Log

Welcome to my Learning Log for all of my EDTECH courses. The widget on the left serves as a simple means to organize all of the website information. The green folder is a link to categories, the blue tag a link to tags (501 or 502) and the clock is a link to the most recent posts.

I am definitely a life long learner.  I love to learn new things and challenge my brain to think outside of the box. Technology definitely does both of those things.  I became interested in using technology in education my first year of teaching many years ago.  As students have become more technologically adept it is further increased my drive to learn and pass on as much as I can.

I chose to get a degree in EDTECH because I feel like it just fits me to a tee.  I love teaching and I love technology.  This degree combines both of them perfectly.  I have taught many technology courses and frankly have barely kept ahead of students class by class since there is not a set curriculum for any of my courses (and I have to develop it myself).  Even though I am such a new student to this program, I have learned so much I can use in my classroom and in my school already.  It is wonderful to be able to talk to other likeminded people to get ideas!!

Thank you for visiting. I welcome any comments.

  1. I love your theme choice, Beth, and your custom header image. It is a custom image, right? What software did you use to create this? You obviously have talent in the web design field. I could learn from you!

  2. Hi, Beth! Great theme and nice editing. I especially like the way you arranged the widgets.

  3. Thank you Dr. Schroeder
    I used Photoshop. I love designing things. I am a math teacher and it forces me to use the other side of my brain!!

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